Company Profile


SCIVEDA MOULD is the world's leading die supplier and the backbone of China's key die-casting die enterprises.

SCIVEDA MOULD  has 160*80T heavy-crane, constant temperature die workshop with large five-axis, horizontal high-speed machining center, online quick inspection to realize the  intelligent manufacturing. The company has an independent R&D center. Independent research & development of high vacuum technology has been successfully applied to the development of automotive structure part & power system part casting dies.

Sciveda Mould is the first-class die supplier for domestic and foreign mainstream automobile enterprises. Provide supporting development services for OEM factories for lightweight all-aluminum body development. To provide customers with OTS expert-level solutions from product synchronous development, die development & manufacturing, high vacuum die casting, casting heat treatment, to parts machining.

Dies are mainly exported to North America, Europe, Japan, India. Global after-sales factories for dies established with international supporting service capacity.

Our Target: Becoming the world's preferred supplier of lightweight all-aluminum automobile body.